In recent years, we have seen the Gallabiyahs find their way well into our awareness and turning into an acceptable, trendy item. If once the gallabiyahs were the traditional garb of Henna parties, today they are making an appearance in every glitzy event; a celebrity will surprise us with a fashionable Gallabiyah quite often. The demand for Gallabiyahs has brought many designers and fashion houses into the field, and to designing Gallabiyahs, some even in a relatively form- fitting style, such as the one worn by Bar Rafaeli in Berlin. The Gallabiyah is an item with a natural yet festive look; it doesn’t need to work hard to look good, and that’s what makes it so desirable.


In the past, the Gallabiyahs functioned as traditional garb, worn by women from many ethnic groups like the Moroccan and Yemeni emigrants. The traditional Gallabiyahs were made of colorful fabrics, while maintaining one dominant color in each Gallabiyah. The main attributes of the garment were the adornments embroidered on the sleeves, chest, and hems of the Gallabiyah in gold and silver thread, and of course the broad shape which made the garment appear as loose hanging on the body. In many cases, and especially traditional events, the Gallabiyahs would have a matching head covering piece. Many of us know the Gallabiyahs from our grandmothers’ house, who would wear them in family events and would look like they’re about to disappear from the world, but the Gallabiyahs refused to do so and made a real comeback, arriving in a new and fashionable reincarnation.

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Many fashion designers started designing Gallabiyahs inspired by the original designs, but some dared abandon tradition and go in other directions. The gold and silver decorations became more delicate, the bright, shiny colors were replaced with more elegant shades, and even the cut became narrower, until the difference between Gallabiyahs and dresses became obscure. There is still something in this straight, clean version with a light play of fabrics, which differentiates the Gallabiyahs from dresses; something in the general aroma of chicness, that gives a sense of ease and comfort with a fashionable air. That is the whole meaning of a Gallabiyah.

On fashion websites, the Gallabiyah is a most popular item of online purchases, since in most cases it comes in one size and so is ideal for online ordering without trying it on. A very popular online Gallabiyah store is Komono by Mika, which offers a wide selection of young, trendy, and unique Gallabiyah dresses and also does international shipping.


Please welcome the new style: young, trendy, rocking it.

This winter, following the last couple of years’ trend, we will be seeing more and more fashionable Gallabiyahs. However, this season, the Gallabiyahs are getting an especially fashionable and casual switch. We can see more garments emphasizing comfort with a wider cut and everyday colors. The gold adornments are pushed aside and are completely gone and in their place, we get Gallabiyahs for everyday use, with very conservative colors and patterns. There is even a street- style Gallabiyah, made of jersey fabric with a polka dot print. There is a clear distinction between every day gallabiyahs and elegant eveningwear gallabiyahs in the new gallabiyah design, but it seems that in all of them the classic V-neck was discarded in favor of a more closed- collar version, compensating on a shorter hem- length choice. This year we can see elegant eveningwear gallabiyahs and clean, solid color. Instead of jersey fabrics, we can see more elegant fabric choices, which are more suited for evening and going out.



Jellabiya dresses have become a very popular clothing item in the Western world in recent years. The combination of comfort and beauty made this ancient garment become a contemporary trend. The jellabiya is the most comfortable thing you can wear, it’s the star of runway shows and of the city streets, and the airy and nonchalant kaftan dress is the hottest trend this summer. The climate is requiring answers more creative than “nothing” for the classic question “what to wear” when you’re outside, and among the many answers, one of the most elegant and exotic ones is the jalabiya kaftan dress.

The galabia and the kaftan dress have been worn for ages, by many cultures around the world, but the jellabiya is identified as a part Egyptian culture, while the Kaftan is recognized as an Islamic cultural staple. At any rate, the jellabiya dress has not been exclusive for the Egyptian farmers for a long time now, and is worn by both famous and anonymous fashionistas from all over the world.

Around the world, every oversize craze seems to include wide maxi dresses with long sleeves. Maybe no one calls it a jellabiya, but they know very well how to wear it. Among the beach and resort clothes, it is has been a hit for several years now (it is probably the most comfortable leisure clothing ever).


In the past years, the most meaningful jump into public awareness was made by new collections that featured modern jellabiyas. Many celebrities hurried to purchase this dress and be seen in the airy fabrics, and this is how it made its way to the public. Celina Gomez has been spotted looking like a princess from One Thousand and One Nights in the flowing fabric, and Kate Moss who was walking the red carpet with stilettos and a long and straight jellabiya, decorated with complex embroidery.

Many stores that are in the spirit of the jellabiya have opened, mostly as a leisure item, but also as a daily office outfit or as a fashionable eveningwear. In their embroidery and in their breathing fabrics, the jellabiyas bring themselves to our days. Many of the other clothing companies don’t stay behind and offer their own solutions to this trend.

Jellabiya Facts

The jellabiya’s origin is the countries at the Persian Gulf during ancient times, and it is still used nowadays as a clothing item in the Arab world. The Jellabiya is a long and wide cape that is common in the Arabic countries, especially in the area of the Persian Gulf, and it is used as women’s formal or casual wear, as well as men’s casual and modest attire.

There are three kinds of jellabiyas that are commonly worn in Arab countries:

  • Simple jellabiya, meant for everyday wear, with no special designs or various fabrics.
  • Elegant evening jellabiyas, which usually decorated and beaded, and can be made with more unique fabrics, such as silk and lace.
  • Wedding jellabiyas, which us worn by a bride on her wedding day and is usually very well-designed.


From Arab Countries to the Whole World

Jellabiya dresses are no longer exclusive for the Arab countries, and they are now the hottest trend in Western fashion.

The explanation is simple: it is a comfortable and airy dress, without unnecessary cuts and stitches, which fits women of all ages and sizes, both thin and full.

Fashion designers use many different styles, and every woman can choose her own jellabiya. Comfort and design are the winners of this hot summer.

How to Choose a Jellabiya

Choosing a jellabiya dress is a mission you will probably have to tackle this summer. You should notice three main factors when choosing one:

  • Fabric type: the fabric has to be comfortable on your skin and breathy, but also easy to wash.
  • Design: choose a design that matches your personal taste and your character.
  • Price: the sky is the limit. You can find jellabiya s that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, and you can find very fine and well-made jellabiya s for significantly lower prices.